Have visibility on 100% of your deliveries

Autonomously, regardless of the carrier

illustration isométrique d'une loupe et d'un oeil qui évoque une lisibilté globale

Global visibility

Have visibility 100 % of your deliveries thanks to your connected assets

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Predictive logistics

Gain in proactivity by having a real time vision on all delays and delivery contingencies.

illustration isométrique d'un smartphone reçevant des notifications de livraisons

Alerts and notifications

Set the right level of alerts and notifications and gain productivity

illustration d'un graphique sur l'optimisation

Analysis and optimisation

Have an accurate measurement of your performance and improve your organisation SLAs

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icone objets connectés
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icone d'un camion
icone entrepot

Global visibility

Magma control tower allows you to monitor the progress of all your deliveries in real time.

Your logistics teams will be more effective and productive.

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Predictive logistics

Keep your customers satisfied and inform your warehouses of any transport contingency.

Your deliveries are tracked regardless of the carrier or means of transport used.

capture écran plateforme magma section livraisons offrant une logistique prédictive

Alerts and notifications

Our algorithms will allow you to anticipate delays and ensure the quality of your deliveries.  

Alerts and reports are customisable to your business requirements.

Analysis and optimisation

“What is not measured, can’t be improved”. Magma Technology allows you to precisely measure your logistics performance and reach your SLAs.

Helping you gain operational excellence is our priority!

illustration de la plateforme Magma Technology avec des statistiques
illustration d'un serveur utilisant des api

Interoperability - API

Magma’s APIs allow full interoperability with our customer IT systems.

Your TMS, WMS and ERP are fed in real time with the execution status of your deliveries to gain data reliability and transparency between stakeholders.